How it all started...

I realize that having 29 custom Spotify playlists might be a little excessive. Why do I feel the need to have a 4 hour 36 minute long playlist of Tambouregg Shakeracas? I could not tell you. One week before my freshman year move-in, I vowed to abstain from creating new playlists until after classes started (and then proceeded to make one an hour later). 

My dear, sweet friend Sarah approached me with an idea: more playlists. What?? How could that possibly be the solution to my addiction? But she suggested that I create playlists "that reflect/encapsulate each year of college." GENIUS, that girl. 

I loved the idea. So obviously I took it a step further than necessary (classic Audrey) and decided to turn the playlist idea into an entire blog. Ha! I couldn't possibly put all these songs out to the world without explaining why they were significant to my college years. I love sharing my feelings too much!

So here it is. My college years in music form. The College Project. Read here about the adventures I'm having and the songs that remind me of them. Or you can follow me on Spotify if you're just looking for some good tunes. Enjoy!