Year One


Blog Posts

Each year of college holds new perspectives, new people, and new experiences, all which largely shape a student into the adult they enter the rest of the world as. I want to be able to write about experiences as I am living them to look back and remember what it was like to live what shaped me. The collection of my musings from my first year of college can be found here or you can take the short-cut by listening to the year one playlist on Spotify. 


The College Project was born from the simple truth that I have more than one-too-many playlists, each created for whatever niche I happen to be feeling. Rather than sticking only with "The Duhn-Duhn-Duhn Drums That Do The Thing", I decided to create one reflecting the songs I listened to frequently throughout my first year of college. You can follow the playlist here on Spotify or listen to each individual one by reading its coinciding blog post